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Normally on a Friday, I get 4 hours of the morning off and go home. Today, I did something a little more exciting.

Patricia, (My host Mum) had told me about a free bus that runs between school and the shopping centre, so I decided to have a look around. As soon as we hit the first roundabout I realised it was not heading to the shopping centre… (more…)


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Viva Leclerc

Well I’ve Been up to no good.

At school, I really think I’m starting to fit in. It’s a pretty big school, but somehow meeting people is fairly easy.

Well I think it’s time I filled in on a lot of my everyday stuff. (more…)

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On Wednesday I had to face up to the news that I would no longer get to sleep in and write my blog. So to compensate I decided to take a walk (I have the first three periods off). PPR (My school) is situated right on the edge of Saint-Orens, just outside endless valleys of farmland, but instead I decided to walk into Toulouse, which probably wasn’t the best idea…


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