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Oh, Toulouse!

This Week on Saturday, my family took me to visit Toulouse.

And what can I say, it is a beautiful city. We drove to the Metro Station, located on the far North-East corner of the city, and took it the rest of the way. First of all, we went to the City Plaza (which I took a lovely 360 Panorama of) and looked through all the stores around here.

Afterwards, we walked all the way to the river Garonne. We Looked through the Eglise ND (Notre Dame) de la Daurade, and It was… (more…)


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Viva Leclerc

Well I’ve Been up to no good.

At school, I really think I’m starting to fit in. It’s a pretty big school, but somehow meeting people is fairly easy.

Well I think it’s time I filled in on a lot of my everyday stuff. (more…)

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On Wednesday I had to face up to the news that I would no longer get to sleep in and write my blog. So to compensate I decided to take a walk (I have the first three periods off). PPR (My school) is situated right on the edge of Saint-Orens, just outside endless valleys of farmland, but instead I decided to walk into Toulouse, which probably wasn’t the best idea…


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Fete Florrienne

Sunday. My friend Ines asked me and Florienne to come with her and her brother to the fete (carnival) that was going to be in the village. For such a small place it was…


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The story. So far…

Well It’s been a week since my last blog update and I’m still loving it here.

Still in my classes, I don’t understand anything, but I am able to converse a little bit with my friends. It’s still very challenging, however… (more…)

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Vie Scolaire

(School Life)

Well, Monday didn’t really count because I only went until midday, and I didn’t actually have any classes. But I’ll tell you about it anyway.

I woke up at 6am. It was pouring, cold and black.
Lucas and I caught the bus in the rain. Of course, no-one had been informed that I was an exchange student who couldn’t understand French and so, for most of the morning, people just thought I was an asshole…


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Jean de Luz, You are a Sainte

Everything that’s happened since Saturday has been pretty incredible.

I met the Rasquins on Saturday and that was amazing. After a few misunderstandings, I managed to get through dinner – with a lot of “oui” and laughing – without looking like too much of a dork.

I spent most of Sunday morning


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